About Us

Welcome to the Learning for Involvement website!

This website is dedicated to learning and development for public involvement in health and social care research:  what’s it all about and how to do it well. It brings public involvement information and resources (such as guidance, websites, videos, articles and blogs) and training together in one place.

To find training and resources click the FIND button on the homepage and search or browse all results. If you are interested just in training, select TRAINING from the menu bar.

To add to the site, perhaps recommending an article or video clip, or to advertise a forthcoming course, click the ADD button. You will need to register or log in to do this. Resources or training opportunities will then be displayed and emailed to the site’s followers.

The Learning for Involvement website is run by the NIHR, which as part of this remit promotes public involvement in health and social care research. The site relies on your contributions, so next time you find a book, article or video that has been really useful, or are hosting an event or workshop on public involvement that you’d like people to attend, please take the time to share it here.

There are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that you may find useful.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy using the website.