Addressing Barriers to Engagement, Involvement & Participation in Research by Ethnic Minorities


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that people from ethnic minority communities are not as engaged with health and care research as some populations and are included at rates far lower than would be expected, given their share of the population and the disease burden. It is important that health and care research reflects the needs of all local communities across Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) and that there is equity of access to opportunities to impact research through engagement, involvement and participation.
This project was an opportunity to capture what needs to change at both a local and national level; to ensure an ongoing partnership between NIHR and the public, which NIHR partners believe is the foundation stone for ensuring greater representation and involvement in research and ensuring that research activity reflects the needs of all. The intention is to co-produce a way forward for the partnership, including defining the purpose of the partnership and activities that could be undertaken within this partnership.

Publication date: 5th April 2022

Date added to Learning For Involvement: 26th April 2022

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