Safeguarding community-centred global health research during crises


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  • Article


  • Thilini Agampodi, Hasara Nuwangi, Sonali Gunasekara, Asitha Mallawaarachchi, Helen P Price, Lisa Dikomitis, Suneth Agampodi

Publication date:

  • 2nd August 2023

Date added to Learning for Involvement:

  • 21st September 2023


This paper highlights three aspects that the global scientific community can use to safeguard research during crises such as the one caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. Along with recommending positioning the research within the crisis context and moving beyond virtual modes, the researchers demonstrate that a community engagement and involvement (CEI) approach which is established and already embedded into a study, remains feasible and valuable for global health research programmes during times of crisis. The researchers make their case using the example of the multi-country health research programme ECLIPSE in Sri Lanka.

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