Engaging under-served communities in commercial research: a scoping exercise


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Resource type:

  • Report


  • Dr Fran Harkness, Aisha Ofori, Dr Nehla Djellouli, Dr Jo Blodgett

Publication date:

  • 1st October 2023

Date added to Learning for Involvement:

  • 27th March 2024


Our latest report, "Public Attitudes to Commercial Research," offers invaluable insights into the perceptions and awareness surrounding this pivotal aspect of healthcare innovation. Commissioned by the NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre and conducted in collaboration with Kohlrabi, this study delves into the voices of communities traditionally under-served in health and care research.
Through a rigorous literature review and engaging community workshops, we've uncovered compelling findings that illuminate the challenges and opportunities in engaging diverse populations. From elucidating clarity to fostering transparent practices and valuing collaboration, the report presents actionable recommendations to enhance inclusivity in commercial research endeavours.
Keen to delve into the future of healthcare innovation? Access the full report here and join us in shaping the discourse surrounding clinical research.

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