An interactive course for new and experienced patient/public reviewers of health and social care research

Now available – An interactive course for new and experienced reviewers of health and social care research, which has been produced by a team of public reviewers and patient and public involvement professionals with the NIHR.

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The course covers reviewing in all contexts for NIHR research funding programmes, plus skills and activities required at different levels and stages of research. It is designed for public contributors who are committee members as well as public reviewers.

Researchers may also find this resource useful when writing research funding applications. It can be used as a tool to understand how to get your Patient and Public Involvement right first time!

The course is online and freely available on this page. Each module is also available as an accessible version, to download as a pdf or as a powerpoint version.

Public reviewers; Raising research quality!

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We hope you enjoy the course!

We wish you luck with your own public reviewing. We hope you enjoy it and gain from the experience.

Course development team: David Green, Gary Hickey, Tracey Johns, Alison Ledward, Amanda Roberts, Heidi Surridge (lead), Doreen Tembo, Gail Thornton, Amander Wellings, Jane Whitehurst.

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