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Voices of People with Disabilities During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Added on 8th February 2022

This resource gathers stories from people with various disabilities across the globe sharing their experiences with the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic risk reduction s...

COVID-19 Research Studies on Children and Young People’s Views

Added on 8th February 2022

Children and young people are experiencing the impact of COVID-19, and lockdown, in many ways - from their education to staying at home with family, from the way they...

University of Oxford’s Vaccine Group have created an FAQ page about vaccines

Added on 3rd February 2022

The University of Oxford's Vaccine Group have created an FAQ page about vaccines. It contains some of the most common questions, concerns and comments that people have...

Five reasons not to be worried about COVID-19 vaccine development

Added on 3rd February 2022

Concerns about the speed at which vaccines had been developed and approved have come up during community engagement activities CRN North West London have been holding....

British Islamic Medical Association COVID-19 Vaccine Hub

Added on 3rd February 2022

The British Islamic Medical Association have put together a COVID-19 Vaccine Hub, providing a one-stop shop for Islamic position statements on vaccines, mythbuster gra...

COVID and Me Vaccine Stories

Added on 3rd February 2022

Building on the inclusive approach of COVID and Me (a collection of short films to raise awareness of COVID-19 research) the art of storytelling and drama has again be...

NIHR COVID and Me – Community Engagement Pack

Added on 18th February 2021

NIHR has launched a pack of co-produced videos and accompanying workshop plans to support public involvement in Covid-19 vaccine trials, which are still running while...

Public Involvement in a Pandemic: Lessons from the UK COVID-19 public involvement matching service

Added on 14th January 2021

This report outlines the background and rationale for establishing the UK COVID-19 public involvement matching service. It reflects on what we have learned about publi...

Reaching new public members in a virtual world event recording

Added on 17th July 2020

Being inclusive and insuring under-represented voices influence research has become a priority and a focus for many in the Patient and Public Involvement landscape (PP...

Patient Perspectives

Added on 15th June 2020

From the European Patients Forum: From our unique position at the centre of the European Patient Community, we asked how patients with chronic conditions have been aff...