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People’s stories of leaving hospital during COVID-19

Added on 19th April 2022

Together with the British Red Cross, Healthwatch spoke to over 500 patients and carers and conducted 47 in-depth interviews with health and care professionals involved...

The Health Foundation COVID-19 Survey – third poll

Added on 19th April 2022

The Health Foundation commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct a representative poll of the general public in Great Britain for a third time. For this round of the survey, o...

Patient-Led Research for COVID-19: Embedding Patients in the Long COVID Narrative

Added on 19th April 2022

Originating out of a dedicated online support group, a team of patients formed Patient- Led Research for COVID-19 and conducted the first research on Long COVID experi...

Our COVID Voices

Added on 19th April 2022

National Voices collated statements on the experiences of people with health conditions, disabilities or illnesses during the first lockdown of 2020. Each experience h...

Research Champions Videoconference: improving access to research for people from BAME backgrounds

Added on 12th April 2022

Research Champions from two LCRNs came together to learn more about current NIHR guidelines and projects that aim to improve access to research for people from ethnic...

The Mental Health Emergency: How has to coronavirus pandemic impacted our mental health?

Added on 12th April 2022

Mind carried out research to understand the experiences of people with pre-existing mental health problems, the challenges that they are facing, the coping strategies...

Worst Hit: Dementia during coronavirus

Added on 12th April 2022

This report brings together evidence from a wide range of sources to shine a light on the impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on people who have dementia and...

Participant Journey Map

Added on 22nd March 2022

This map covers the key timepoints in a participant’s journey through a research study. Tips and resources have been provided to flag potential opportunities for imp...

Return to Site Leaflet

Added on 22nd March 2022

This is a template leaflet that covers common topics participants want to know about when deciding whether they are comfortable returning to health settings. Sites can...

Covid Choices Main Findings

Added on 22nd March 2022

The Patient Information Forum ran a survey on Covid Choices, which received more than 800 responses. It asked how people are balancing the need to have new or ongoing...