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New podcast: ‘Health research is better if it’s done with patients, rather than to them’

Added on 15th November 2018

“We see patients as a partner that holds our hand throughout the process and actually makes us a better research funder and a better research organisation as a resul...

Patient and public involvement

Added on 15th November 2018

People affected by dementia can make a unique and valuable contribution in every stage of research, helping to ensure we fund the highest quality, relevant research on...

Public involvement in research – just good science

Added on 15th November 2018

Emma Palmer-Cooper on the value of working with members of the public as more than just the subjects of research.

A research handbook for patient and public involvement researchers

Added on 15th November 2018

This handbook is written for patients and members of the public who want to understand more about the approaches, methods and language used by health-services research...

Parkinson’s UK, Patient and Public Involvement

Added on 15th November 2018

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is when researchers and people affected by conditions work in partnership to plan, design, implement, manage, evaluate and dissemi...

Simon Denegri’s Lay Review

Added on 15th November 2018

The public, health research and democracy @SDenegri

Kristina Staley (Blog)

Added on 15th November 2018

Patient and public involvement in research.

We can make research meaningful. The impact of the Alzheimer’s Society Research Network

Added on 15th November 2018

Alzheimer’s Society has pioneered the active involvement of people affected by dementia in research since establishing the Research Network in 1999.

NIHR YouTube channel NIHRtv

Added on 15th November 2018

Research is vital to high quality healthcare. Without it, we would not be able to understand or fight diseases that affect the lives of millions of people. Scientific...

Guidance on the use of social media

Added on 15th November 2018

This guidance provides examples of ways in which different types of social media are currently being used to involve the public in research, the benefits, challenges,...