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The power of participatory arts to innovate in public involvement and engagement

Added on 20th January 2022

In November, CIC Made by Mortals brought together a brilliant panel of academics, researchers and the participatory arts community to open up a discussion about how to...

A brief guide to patient and public involvement and qualitative methods in health and social care research

Added on 12th November 2021

Provides guidance on PPI and qualitative research methods in health and social care research with an emphasis on how they differ

Toolkit for researchers to stay connected with their participants

Added on 9th November 2021

An interactive communications toolkit has been developed to help researchers in all areas of health research to keep in touch with their participants. It aims to keep...

The impact of patient and public involvement in the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium

Added on 4th November 2021

The report, from the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium (UK-CIC) and the British Society for Immunology, celebrates and showcases the positive impact of involving pa...

12 Best Practice Tips To Design Helpful Patient Information Materials

Added on 9th September 2021

12 Best Practice Tips To Design Helpful Patient Information Materials - from the Patient Empowerment Network 1. Know your purpose and audience 2. Use plain English 3....

Inclusive Research

Added on 19th July 2021

Open-access course about inclusive research. This course is targeted at researchers, from early career onwards, who work in translational clinical research, also known...

Public Involvement in Social Care Research

Added on 14th July 2021

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is one of the principal funders of adult social care research in England. We are committed to boosting social care re...

Good practice guidelines on the recruitment and involvement of public members on Trial Steering Committees (TSCs) / Study Steering Committees (SSCs)

Added on 8th July 2021

Having public members on a Trial or Study Steering Committee (TSC/SSC) is required by the NIHR and can be hugely beneficial, as they can provide a unique “critical f...

Toolkit for Increasing Participation of Black Asian & Minority Ethnic Groups in Health & Social Care Research

Added on 17th June 2021

This Toolkit aims to capture best practice and provide researchers with a framework on how to improve the participation of BAME groups in research. The Toolkit was dev...

NIHR Community Engagement Involvement Resource

Added on 17th June 2021

A resource guide for community engagement and involvement in global health research. Across the breadth of global health research now funded by the National Institute...