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NIHR has launched a pack of co-produced videos and accompanying workshop plans to support public involvement in Covid-19 vaccine trials, which are still running while members of the public start to receive an approved vaccine. There are different types of vaccines, and we don’t know which will best protect people from COVID-19. Different vaccines will be needed for different groups of people. So we still need more volunteers to step forward.

The short dramas, which are in English, Urdu, Bengali, Bangla and Punjabi, show characters exploring common concerns about vaccine research.

CCGs and hospital trusts can share the videos in public communications and on your websites, as well as hosting workshops with your own public and volunteer groups. You can also share the resource with local voluntary and community groups and with other community health services to use with their patient and public groups.

If you'd like to invite an NIHR facilitator to deliver a workshop in your community contact

About COVID and Me

COVID and Me are a series of short dramas (monologues) - produced to support all communities in understanding the importance of taking part in COVID-19 research.

There are two series of COVID and Me dramas:
· Covid and Me - 7 dramas illustrating how people from different communities have been affected by the pandemic and underlining the importance of COVID-19 research. (Two of the dramas are also available in Punjabi)
· Covid and Me Vaccine Dramas - 6 dramas exploring people's journeys from vaccine hesitancy to community vaccine champions. The dramas touch on their concerns about vaccine research, health literacy and misinformation, and the different challenges individuals face when deciding whether to participate in research. (Three of the dramas are also available in Urdu, Punjabi and Bengla (also referred to as Bengali)

COVID and Me were informed by a series of workshops that explored the barriers and enablers to involvement in research studies from the perspective of professionals, public and patients. While fictional, the dramas have been co-created and are based on people's lived experiences, using storytelling as a fresh way to reinforce key messages and disprove false information in circulation.

The production of these dramas was a partnership with communities who in particular, are often hesitant about vaccines and disproportionately impacted by the pandemic - including Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, older people, and those with existing health conditions and those from communities where there is higher social deprivation.

About this resource

In this resource, we have identified four key themes to explore as part of your local engagement activities around COVID-19 and vaccine hesitancy:

· Taking Part in Vaccines Research
· Speed of Development of COVID-19 Vaccines
· Older People and Comorbidities (one or more additional conditions)
· Misinformation.

For each theme, we have outlined a possible dialogue-based workshop and have:
· Highlighted some of the underlying barriers that might prevent people from engaging with COVID-19 vaccines research to help you think about your approach
· Identified relevant COVID and Me Vaccine Dramas to watch, to stimulate self-reflection and discussion about how people might tackle similar barriers in their own lives
· Suggested an accompanying activity to facilitate experience sharing and collaboration to help people address barriers for themselves and others
· Provided take-home messages about COVID-19 vaccines research to share with participants.

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