Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2020: The impact of COVID-19 on cancer patients in the UK


Cancer Research UK (CRUK) conducted a survey aiming to understand the impact of COVID-19 on cancer patients’ testing, treatment and care, day-to-day lives and wellbeing, and support for government policies. 1,868 cancer took part.
Key findings: Overall for many cancer patients the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have had a significant impact on their testing and treatment, and most notably their care. This has resulted in a negative impact on the emotional well-being of many cancer patients. ‘Catching COVID-19’ and ‘becoming seriously ill from COVID-19’ were the most selected concerns, and there was a lot of frustration reported regarding the feeling that COVID-19 patients are being prioritised over cancer patients

Publication date: 1st July 2020

Date added to Learning For Involvement: 3rd May 2022

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